Puerta de Las Villas means «The gateway to the region of Las Villas»” and it is the trademark of the Andalusian Cooperative Society called San Vicente de Mogónand placed into the Province of Jaén(Andalucía).

It was founded as a cooperative in 1966 by 100 pioneer partners whose strong beliefs in the tradition of the agricultural way of life of Jaén are still transmitted nowadays to our production through the Governing Council of our company, which is exclusively made up by farmers to make possible the commitment to excellence in the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Tradition, improved technique, the most modern facilities, the fruit traceability and the know-how of our Milling Masters allow us to have the best olive juice in our homes and of course in thousands of our clients and friends’ homes, because our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) will allow you to enjoy cooking in a healthy, traditional and tasty way.

Pioneers in cooperative work


The company’s staff is made up of professionals committed to a job well done. Leading each task there is a person whose objective is to contribute with his/her effort to a greater good.We are always looking for achieving business excellence in quality, food safety and personalized customer service without sacrificing the values of tradition.

We have a specialized team that strives every day for offering the best service and advice to the farmer, which allows us to obtain the best fruits and so on, to maintain the quality of our juices and, in a transparent way, submitting them to the most demanding tasting panels in the national and international competitions we attend.


The collective illusion of our partners has been growing since the beginning and today, we are already more than 1,300 farmers living exclusively from their work in the fields.

The effort made by the Company has an economic and social impact that already reaches more than 5,000 people around us, including families, stores or service companies, fighting at the same time against the rural areas depopulation.

In this way our cooperative workleads a driving force for the local economy, and improves and maintains the life of the neighborhood.

We all love country life, so we work committed to build a better future for the environment in which we live.

People committed to their responsibility


We really think facilities and technology must be at the service of people with the aim of obtaining the best product for the market, taking into account ethical production and a fair price for the farmer. That is our commitment.

To achieve this goal, we have state-of-the-art facilities that guarantee the entire process is carried out with meticulousness and the highest quality, which guarantees, thanks to the know-how of ourMilling Master, the best elaborations on the market having excellent results recognized in our Country and overseas.

We believe in what we do, that's why every day is an exciting day we live with passion